Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul inherited his wide-reaching love of
music from his dad. It was not uncommon to have the likes of Patsy Cline,
Bobby Darin, Rogers & Hammerstein, and Beethoven all stacked up on the
same turntable.  While in elementary school, he learned to play piano,
studying at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music under Ilona
Voorm - a Bela Bartok protégé, and soon started composing original tunes.
As a teenager, he taught himself to play the guitar, and continued writing
songs, performing at numerous weddings and community events. Along the
way, he also acquired a 12-string guitar and developed a distinctive and
hypnotically percussive playing style.

In the mid-90’s he began writing, arranging and performing music with
Ginny Frazier, who recorded with world-renowned musician Peter Buffett,
and performed on the Disney ‘
Pocahontas’ movie soundtrack.  Together,
they founded the group
Circles & Arrows, and explored music that fused
folk, blues and rock with traditional African and Native American
instruments. Paul arranged and produced their first album, ‘
’, which received enthusiastic critical acclaim, and was selected
as one of the top local recordings of 1998 by the
Cincinnati Post ( …”a
stunning and intriguing album”).  Mike Breen of
City Beat described the
work as “Beautiful, lilting songs that soar with spirituality...captivating and
often hypnotic...".

At the dawn of the new millennium, Paul moved to the San Diego area, and
co-founded the band
The Alternators, which evolved into his current group
Common Crowd. They’ve been playing lively, upbeat music at clubs and
parties for the past 5 years.  In 2007, the band was featured in a Del
Mar TV special, which received an award at the San Diego County Fair.
In 2008, Paul had 2 solo performances of his original music at the Fair.

Presently, Paul lives in Carlsbad CA, with his wife Mary, and their African
Grey parrot, Rufus.  He continues prolifically writing music, and
performing his original compositions at a variety of events.